Discover the Beauty of Super-Hydrated Tissue

The Silberg Tissue Preparation System™, a revolutionary advancement in preoperative ultrasound, provides ultrasonic super-hydration to exposed tissue, which minimizes the risk of tissue necrosis and increases soft tissue extensibility. This combination results in less trauma to the affected areas.

The Healing Power of Hydration and Ultrasound

Upon exposure, subcutaneous tissue cells begin to dehydrate and die almost immediately. This process is progressive and cannot be reversed with terminal irrigation. In addition, the combination of dissection trauma and dehydrated tissue closed within the wound contribute to postoperative pain and infection.

How it Works

Using the Silberg TPS™, sterile wetting solution is gently infused under the skin using a cannula and high-intensity, external ultrasound disperses the fluid into the adjacent and deep subcutaneous tissues through a process called microstreaming. The result is a ‘super-hydrated’ cell matrix that protects tissue integrity and can dramatically reduce postoperative complications.

Surgical Procedures

The Silberg TPS™ is ideal for abdominoplasty, facelifts or other open procedures where subcutaneous tissues are likely to be exposed. Fat extraction and endoscopic procedures are also easier to perform, with less bleeding and dramatically reduced postoperative bruising. Patients also report great satisfaction at how soon after surgery they are able to return to their normal routines.